Google Contacts 2.0 gets new UI and features before Android O’s launch

Google has rolled out the version 2.0 of the Contacts app with a slew of improvements and a cleaner UI. It looks like the app that has barely changed in the past few years has been updated to get a new look ahead of the launch of Android O.

The refreshed Google Contacts 2.0 app is available on the Google Play Store. The official changelog is yet to be revealed. Interestingly, many of these changes that are rolled out via the update are pretty obvious for those who are using the app regularly. The main reason for the launch of this update seems to be the design tweaks that will make it user-friendly.

As mentioned above, the Google Contacts 2.0 is meant to support the upcoming Android O’s notification channels. We can expect the company to reveal more details regarding the same at the Google I/O conference. When it comes to the changes brought in by the update, the Google Contacts 2.0 app has got a slide-out menu that features a toggle to let you switch between the accounts. The toggle lets you select the contacts that you want to be displayed in the app.

The contact icons seem to have been updated. We say this as the contact icons appear smaller than before and let you view more information on the screen. There is a new Move item too that will be useful if you want to move your contacts from one account to another account. There is an option that lets you choose the accounts to use when you are exporting contacts.

Source : gizbot