Rocket League Original Minis toys expanding with light-up cars

Rocket League’s upcoming pull-back racers from Zag Toys’ Original Minis aren’t the only toys in the works. Those 12 cars will soon be joined by a line of light-up cars, Zag Toys told Polygon at Toy Fair New York today.

The light-up toy cars will feature LEDs for the vehicles’ headlights, as you would expect. But since Rocket League is a game about jet-fueled battle cars, these toys will also illuminate at the back — with a “cloud” of rocket exhaust. Zag Toys plans to release the light-up cars this summer, after the spring debut of the pull-back racers.

For both lines of toys, the initial rollout of cars will just be a start. While Zag wouldn’t let us take photos at Toy Fair because the vehicles were pre-production prototypes, the non-final retail box for the toys featured a “Series 1” banner. Max Lux, director of licensing for Zag Toys, told Polygon that in addition to working with Zag on the toy cars themselves, Rocket League developer Psyonix helped design the packaging.

“The [Rocket League] fan base is a bit older,” said Lux, comparing the age range for Rocket League players to the range for fans of shows like Steven Universe and Invader Zim, which also have their own Original Minis. “But I think they’re going to totally latch onto these.”

Rocket League fans will have a reason to buy the Original Minis beyond owning a real-life version of their favorite cars. Some of the toys will come with codes that players can redeem for downloadable content: a unique rocket trail and wheel rim, the latter of which will match the in-game version.

The pull-back Original Minis are scheduled to be released in April, while the light-up models are set to arrive this summer. You can see Dominus, one of the pull-back racers, in action below.

Source by : polygon